Top 10 Swing Dance Shoes


The popularity of swing dancing in the last decades have grown significantly, not only because is a lot of fun, but also because it is a terrific way to workout. It is also easy to learn, and beyond that, anyone that practiced it will tell you that the shot of energy that it gives you makes you to feel great.

In order to practice this discipline you are going to need to get a pair of good swing dance shoes, and to do so, you will need information to choose the right pair for you.

No matter if you are a seasoned or a beginner dancer, it is important to know which are the features that the shoes should have when buying a product that satisfy your personal requirements.

The reviews that will follow will show you a compilation of the shoes that our experts think that are the best swing dance shoes that you can find these days.

Capezio Women's Jr. Footlight T-Strap Dance Shoe

For starters we must say that these shoes are the typical high quality Capezio shoes, which are made from nice leather that bend effortlessly and also shows a thin sole specially designed for dancing, and not the usual thick sole that we regularly see in street shoes.

It is important to remark that swing dance shoes usually come in a smaller size and then stretches overtime and if you don’t like that you might want to order 1/2 size larger than street shoes.

The color of the shoes are a classic and strong black, and caramel which is a little lighter than the skin color stockings that we normally see.

Also the shoes feel very comfortable and safe and don’t give the impression that you are going to break an ankle or have any other injury.

Beyond that, the product displays a soft upper with sophisticated and clean lines, and a supportive 'arch cookie' which will improve the comfortability of the shoes. Rigorous stress testing guarantee the reliability of the heel that is firmly attached to the body of the shoes, and the Achilles notch avoid that the heel dig-in when the dancer points.



  • Leather balance sole
  • Moisture absorbent microfiber lining
  • Light shank
  • Nappa PU leather upper


  • 100% Polyurethane
  • Heel: 2"

Bloch Dance Annabella Ballroom Shoes

The history of the Jacob Bloch brand begun in 1932, when Bloch, a pioneer in the confection of dance shoes, started to produce shoes for ballet dancers around the world.

The legend says that in an opportunity in a visit to a ballet school, Jacobs noticed that a young dancer was showing problems to stay in pointe. Jacob committed to make to her a better pair of pointe shoes to dance in. After delivered the promised pair of shoes Jacob’s reputation spread rapidly due to the quality of the mentioned shoes. After that the brand became an authority in the world of dance footwear and fashion products.

The Bloch dance Annabella ballroom shoes have an anti slip heel with a leather top lift that increase balance and a greater hit area. The humidity is taken care by the soft microfiber and with the foam padded foot bed enhances the comfort when dancing with them.

The shoes are designed in a way that is possible add taps on each of the leather soles, and also display a suede outsole that makes easier to slide. The fit is customizable by the buckle that comes with a self locking capability that makes easier to wear it and get ready for the action.


  • Suede sole
  • Cushioned insole
  • Self locking buckle
  • Flexible outsole


  • 100% Leather
  • Heel: 1.5"
  • Shipping weight: 2 lbs.

        Eastland Women's Sadie Oxford Dance Shoes

        To understand the level of quality of these shoes is good to review the history of the brand.

        The company was funded in 1955, and based in Maine, the three generations  family  business have been creating classic footwear of great workmanship, and quality.

        The hand sewn footwear of the Eastland brand is recognized for its Americana style that reflects their traditional shoemaking philosophy.

        Now talking about this specific model of shoes, the Eastland Sadie comes with a leather upper that displays a two-tone design and a perforated leather overlay, which by default is a very classic design, and also a favorite of many dancers.

        The outsole is made from a lightweight EVA, which is intended to help the agility and easiness of movements of the dancers when performing their numbers.

        The support of the foot is responsibility of the active memory foam that adapts to the foot of the user.

        The Company recommend that the proper care of the shoes should be done, removing the accumulated dirt or dust with a wet cloth and then let them air dry. Later on, the shoes should be rubbed with an oil sponge to restore the leather's original shine.


        • Synthetic sole
        • 100% Suede sole
        • EVA outsole
        • Active Memory Foam insole


        • Heel measures: 0.75"
        • Heel height: 6/8 in.

              Capezio Women's 650 Footlight Character Dancing Shoes

              The production of these shoes comes from a long tradition that started when Salvatore Capezio in 1887, at the age of 17 opened his shop on Broadway and 39th Street. Later on, the shop became a favorite place for dancers that wanted to order shoes that had special features that suited their needs.

              Overtimes Capezio's fame grew significantly, which meant that dancers from everywhere in the world wanted to order their own shoes.

              This Capezio's Student Footlight shoe is normally used for swing dance, ballroom, and many more types of performances, no matter it's theatrical, character or even the ones that needs attached taps on its sole.  Also with the perfect height, the product displays the classic buckle that these kinds of shoes come with.

              The innovation of these products made by Capezio shows the empathy that the creators of the designs feels with the users of them. The Capezio brand models shows in great measure that they recognize the ongoing preferences of the people that participate in dance and this model is a great sample of this spirit.

              Also the stretch-insert split-sole, the dansneaker and the tapsneaker are good example of the evolution that the technology used by the firm has shown overtime. Capezio has demonstrated that they believe strongly that their success is directly related to the commitment with each individual client, and the development of new levels of performance is which will guarantee the leading position in its segment of the market.


              • Leather sole
              • Heel counter features an Achilles notch
              • Compatible with TeleTone toe, Duo Tone heel or Selva Staccato taps
              • Taps not included


              • Heel measure: 2"aprox.
              • Shipping weight: 2 lbs.

                  LOVELY BEAUTY Lady's Ballroom Dance Shoes

                  Most of the buyers say that the LOVELY BEAUTY Lady's Ballroom  are a pair of great dance shoes for swing, salsa, mambo and many more styles of dancing.

                  They also are pleased that the shipping was fast, and the packaging well done, using a plastic bag with cushion in the critical areas, and then put it in a shoe box.

                  If you want to compare them with other models of swing dance shoes we think that these shoes look for example better quality than the Swayd Linda which with its plastic-type toe band sometimes can stretch excessively. Then if you think about the Stephanie we would say that the leather and the arch cushion make them a bit better than the Lady's Ballroom.

                  The only suggestion that we have for the Company is that considering many opinions of their clients, they should think about to add additional holes along the adjustable strap, and also to make the strap a little shorter.

                  We also acknowledge that Lovely Beauty has been making good quality and budget friendly dance shoes for some time, and even accept order with individual colors and height requirements, which make them to be an excellent value alternative for people that use dance shoes regularly.

                  This individual model of Swing dance shoes display a 2.5 mm thick OX suede sole that enhance resistance, EVA insole with the 'arch cookie' support, and a metal shank embedded from the heel area to improve the comfort when wearing them.


                  • Moisture absorbing, brushed microfiber
                  • EVA insole
                  • Metal shank embedded in heel zone
                  • Budget friendly


                  • Heel: 1.6"
                  • Sole thickness: 2.5

                      Swing Dance Shoes Performance

                      Very Fine Women's Swing Dance Shoes

                      The shoes are comfortable and hold up effectively, and come with a nice bundle of 5 products; the shoes itself, wholesale pouch bag, heel protectors, dance shoes freshener, and carry on shoe bag.

                      They also fit well and you won’t find either too loose or too tight when using them. Even though they are not expensive they look beautiful and fancy.

                      Beyond that, the product shows a light design that makes possible free and smooth movements when performing on the dance floor.

                      The feature that we like most about these shoes is the heel protectors that not only gives you a better traction on the floor, but also prevent the shoes heel tips from getting unusable too fast. The way that these protectors are attached is by warming them to make it easier to insert into the heel, avoiding the chance that they get too tight.

                      The buckling system is efficient and allows the release conveniently, and the insole shows a good shock absorption feature which giving efficient grip, also is comfortable to use.

                      It is useful to note that some items of the bundle could arrive in different shipments, and also that the purchasement of them separately will imply a higher spending.

                      It is also advisable to order street shoe size, nevertheless this is only for reference and the sellers don’t guarantee the fitting, so is better to be cautious when using the size chart provided by them.


                      • Suede sole
                      • Leather, Satin material
                      • 5 products bundle
                      • Lightweight
                      • Not expensive


                      • 3"heel for dancing
                      • Shipping weight: 4 lbs.

                          YYTing Low Heel Women Ballroom Dance Shoes


                          These shoes are a nice alternative to similar shoes in the higher heel. Even though the sole is not so durable, its cost and comfortability make them a good value item. Anyways it is a good idea to order a half size up if you want to secure a better fit, and also it is useful to acknowledge that these shoes are not designed to use them like street shoes, because their satiny finish would be worn out quickly if doing so.

                          If you use them only for its original purpose, meaning dance, they are sturdy enough to guarantee a longer lifespan due that the shoes are well constructed and use proper materials that helps their resilience.

                          The insole is made from thick durable suede that help the sweat absorption and breathability, and the upper is made from smooth top notch satin which combined with the elastic latex midsole conform a solid swing dance shoes.

                          The design shows a simple style, with a 1.5'' heel and an elastic band that helps to wear it fast and with a adjustable fit. Beyond that the product feels flexible and is not heavy, which is paramount in swing dance performances.


                          • Elastic latex midsole
                          • Elastic band
                          • Lightweight
                          • Satin upper


                          • 1.5"heel

                              STELLE 2" Character Dance Shoes for Women

                              For starter just say that the size guidelines are reliable, and normally the shoes fit well. These are character shoes, which mean that are more appropriate for swing dance, jazz and ballet, due that their soles are sticky.

                              For people that want to use them in other kinds of dance styles, the alternative is to buy velour soles separately, which is an easy fix for the stickiness of the sole.

                              The price could be misleading, because the shoes are surprisingly comfortable to wear and the fitness is great.

                              The design is classic and well done displaying a supportive arch with a padded midsole. Sturdiness is not a problem, and we think that are specially adequate for custom or classic performances.

                              The packaging is nice, and beyond using a good quality shoebox they come with a dust bag, and the shipping is quick enough.

                              That been said, talking about the construction materials that are been used on these shoes we have to say that the material that is used in the upper is imitation leather, and the cushioning is made of memory foam.


                              • Imitation leather upper
                              • True to size
                              • Ankle strap with a pin buckle
                              • Soft breathable lining


                              • 2" heel
                              • Size: 4-11 M

                                  GetMine Womens  Dance Shoes

                                  Before to analyze the shoe itself, let's say that the product is true size, meaning that the size that you need is the same that you use with your street shoes.

                                  Beyond that, the first thing that draws our attention is the fact that the shoes don’t buckle and just hook the straps of the ankle.

                                  Also the shoes are so comfortable to wear that even though many people need cushions when they use dance shoes, these shoes don’t need them at all.

                                  Other nice feature is that the heel cup did not slip off like many other dancing shoes. Like a real dance shoe, this product shows that the tip of the toes ends in the front area of it, making them appropriate to dance with them.

                                  A singularity of these shoes is the buckle system that works without attaching it to the shoe itself. This feature make some people to dislike the item due that they don’t get use to the fact that the buckle goes freely.

                                  Nevertheless, the shoes are comfortable to wear, and also aesthetically are very attractive.

                                  Finally, the shoes are made from faux leather and sequin material, which make them more durable and wear resistant. They also can be used indoor, because of its wool bottom sole, and also the product comes with a good resistant to compression insole.


                                  • Non-slip wool bottom sole
                                  • Suitable for swing dance
                                  • Superior resistance insole
                                  • Suede material sole


                                  • Heel: 2"

                                      Bloch Dance Women's Super Jazz


                                      The shoes are really adequate for swing dance, and many other styles of dancing. Their rubber sole covers the whole length of the shoes making them really good for spins. They are also lightweight and durability is guaranteed by the excellent quality of the shoes made by Bosch.

                                      The only issue that we had seen is about the packaging which sometimes is made in a plastic bag that makes the shoes to be crumpled.

                                      Other than that the shoes are really flexible, but they not give you arch support. Somehow they are similar to slippers and are especially comfortable, so if you include some memory foam you also will get the necessary cushion too.

                                      Reliability is not an issue with these shoes, and most of the dancers know how important is to feel confident when performing a piece in the dance floor.

                                      The product displays soft leather with a pull-on elasticized instep panel and a malleable form that enhance the fitting of it.

                                      Also the rubber split sole improves traction helping the dancers to get the best of their performances that thanks to the Eva material that beyond to be very light, provides a nice balance between slide and grip capacity. The excellent quality of the Company’s products is present fully in this remarkable piece of footwear.

                                      The material used in the body of the shoes is breathable cotton and the sole is made from rubber and high quality full grain soft leather.


                                      • 100% cotton lining
                                      • EVA outsole
                                      • Lightweight
                                      • Extremely flexible


                                      • Street size
                                      • Package dimensions: 12 x 8 x 4 in.
                                      • Shipping weight: 2 lbs.

                                          Top 10 Swing Dance Shoes Wrap Up

                                          As we have seen, there is no shortage of swing dance shoes, but with such a big amount of models the task of choosing the right one seems gigantic.That is why we took the time to summarize the characteristics of the models of swing dance shoes that we thought would be the best value products that can be found today.

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