Nike Zoom Fly Review – Is it Good?

Are you looking for Nike Zoom Fly review? We have done the research for you and here it is.

Nike Zoom Fly Specifications

  • Outsole Height: 0.9 in forefoot;1.3 in. heel
  • Weight: 8.40 ounces
  • Heel Drop: 0.4 in.
  • Foam: Lunarlon
  • Sole Material: Rubber

Nike Zoom Fly Running Shoes Features

  • Upper: Flymesh
  • Flap edges: Artificial suede
  • Outside Material: EVA foam
  • Core: Lunarlon
  • Flywire mesh


  • Easy lacing system
  • Comfortable upper design
  • Wide toe box
  • Solid heel enclosure
  • Forefoot underneath is fully rubber covered


  • Slower pace under perform due to stiff forefoot


We think that the Nike Zoom Fly Athletic Trainer Running Shoes Review can give you an idea of the  comfort that you can get as you race while also boosting your speed. If at all EliudKipchoge used the same and won the Berlin marathon then they will not slow you down but rather giving you more speed and enabling you to run for longer distances.
The Nike Zoomfly gives you the comfort you need in your feet to enable you to cover more miles. Other shoes have recorded giving people some injuries such as lower back injuries or ankle injuries. This happens mainly due to the material used in manufacturing those shoes and also lack of comfort in the shoe. Those shoes lack spongy features and therefore making it very stiff.
The stiffness is basically what causes sprains in athletes among injuries. Nike Zoomfly, however, is made in such a way that your leg is very comfortable when you are running and gives it sufficient room to move about.

What do the buyers say about the Nike Zoom Fly Running Shoes ?

People normally say good things about the shoes,specially they think that are super comfortable for long distances like half marathon.. some of them have complained that the sizes are not accurate with the measurements that the shoes they normally use, but these seems to us is an individual issue that affect a minority of the users.

One of the favorite characteristics that the clients highlight is the responsiveness of the sole, which make it easily adaptable to the form of the shoes.

The cushioning is another topic that often is watched on the Nike ZOOM Fly reviews on Amazon, saying that it is remarkable the quality and durability of t.

A couple of buyers complain about the durability of the sole , but again it seems that is a problem that barely affect very few persons.

The Nike zoom fly shoes are widely known and used by many people. These shoes are very useful in running for long distances. They are also very potent in recovering from an injury.

Characteristics of The Nike Zoom Fly

Efficiency Of the shoes

This shoe was birthed as a sibling to the Vaporfly Elite and the Vaporfly 4%. These were shoes released in 2017 by Nike with only one mission- to enable marathon runners to complete the race in less than only two hours. The barrier was never broken but Eliud Kipchoge set a record of 2:00:25. He later set a world marathon record with 2:01:39 in Berlin. This was the official world record and in both instances, he wore the Nike Vaporfly shoes.
So the question is, how much can your shoes affect your speed in running? How did Kipchoge do it? All those questions will be answered by just one statement- running efficiency.
The Nike Zoom fly is an efficient show as well as the counterpart Nike Vaporfly is a very efficient shoe. It has a lightweight midsole, a stiff forefoot rocker and a snug upper, all which make it an all-round shoe that is ideal for sporting activities. In short, the shoes are built to enable athletes to cover longer distances and of course at a faster speed.

These shoes will enable you to roll your toes without bending them at the toe joint. Such a thing is only found in any shoe that has a forefoot rocker just like the Nike Zoomfly. Reducing the motion your foot makes in the shoe ensures your foot does not grow weary easily. This is unlike with other shoes that will definitely fatigue your foot hence making them itch and you will get tired very easily. This is the concept behind efficient running.
It enhances proper gait. You cannot toe-off properly while putting on a steep rocker. The shoe, therefore, keeps your feet straight such that it gives you an even toe-off. Nike Zoomfly also assists you with a good extension of your hip. This happens such that your foot will roll forward when your leg does an extension to the backside. The rocker makes the foot roll forward. This helps in offloading the muscles and properly stretching the hip flexors.
The shoe helps you in keeping your pace. When running in these shoes, there is a way you feel as if there is some suspension from the soles. This will make you want to run faster so that you keep up with the pace that the shoe seems to be setting. With such shoes on your feet, you are sure to run for longer distances than the usual and at faster speeds.

Midsole and Outsole Of the Nike Zoom Fly Review

The midsole for Nike Zoomflyis made up of a Nike Lunarlon foam that has a react foam core for Nike. The foam is usually light and very soft. The weight of the shoe is only 248 g for men size 10 and it has a stack height of 33mm at the heel. This means a lot of cushioning and less weight on your feet.
When you first put on the shoe, you might feel as it is more than firm when you walk around with it. That should not disturb your mind as the shoe has an awesome balance of bounce back and plushness when you are working out or running in them.
The outsole is also lightweight as there is only rubber that follows the forefoot rocker and also to the back for the heel striking. The mid-section of the Nike Zoomfly was left unattended to save weight. It, however, wears down earlier than other sections of the shoe but that does not affect how the shoe functions.
The significant and notable feature of the Nike Zoomfly is steep forefoot rocker feature. It has a carbon-infused plate made of nylon placed inside the midsole that makes the shoe to become stiff. This makes your foot to roll to a phase called toe-off of the gait. That is basically what differentiates this particular shoe to the others in the market.

Upper Features On Nike Zoom Fly

Some flywire cables cut across the solid heel found at the back and the midfoot which makes the upper part amazing. The toe box is very roomy whilst the midfoot is snug which leaves your toes with sufficient room to play around as you run or jog.
This shoe has also got a V-shape where the tibialis anterior tendon found to the front part of your ankle lashes out. It is a nice feature and therefore makes the shoe even more comfortable. You do not have to waste any amount of energy pushing the tendon to get into the shoe’s tongue.
The upper part of this shoe seems kind of lose the time you first put your feet in them but the strong upper, React foam plus a carbon fiber plate makes the Nike Zoomfly a top choice for athletes who run for long distances. Supposing you are a long-distance runner and have not tried out these shoes yet then you could be missing out on a lot of fun and achievements too.
This shoe is also ideal for daily training, morning jogs and workouts, and any speed jobs that you could be involved in.