Nike Tanjun Review – Women’s and Men’s – Read This Before You Buy

Are you looking for Nike Tanjun review, either for Women’s or Men’s? You have come to the right place.

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  • Outsole and Midsole material: EVA
  • Light Weight
  • Upper made from breathable material
  • Not expensive
  • Monochromatic and straightforward design

Upper Of The Tanjun

The diamond grid mesh made from nylon of the upper contributes to make these sneakers from Nike, lighter, more flexible, and also helps the breathability of them.

Is good to underline that the simplicity of the upper’s design and also the fact that is made from one piece, with absence of stitching up to the sole, help to enhance in a great manner the comfort that users feel when using the Tanjun, and also the aesthetic aspect of the design.

The negative is that the lightness comes at a price, which is the limited durability of the upper of the shoes.


Eva foam, which is a quite light foam, is the material that is used in the midsole. Its lightness and flexibility help greatly to keep the shoes as light, and comfortable as possible.  And also, this material, which is very popular in the construction of sports shoe midsole, has the characteristic that not only makes the shoe more comfortable to wear but also helps to maximize the shock absorption and the cushioning of the sneaker. These factors make the EVA foam one of the favorites materials used in the manufacturing of running shoes.


This part of the shoes is also made from EVA, but a difference of the midsole, it also uses Nike flex grooves in its confection, feature that contribute enormously to the flexibility of this part of the shoes.

Traction is taken care by the efficient waffle pattern, which also contributes to a better shock absorption and water resistance.

It is important to remark that the outsole is not separated, factor that helps to minimize its weight ,but also can diminish its durability.


The cushioned foam midsole and outsole unit absorb shocks and provide comfort all day long. Most of the purchasers are happy with its comfort. The shoes can also be used for many kinds of situations, and not only for exercising. The contact between the skin and the surface of the shoes is really soft, and runners that like to run without socks will be very happy when using them.

Also the ample movement of the foot that is allowed by the well designed upper mesh will contribute a great deal to feel comfortable when using them.


Ventilation is not an issue when using the Tanjun. Again the responsible of it, is the upper mesh that cover the whole foot feet making it feel cool and aerated. Shoes that people wear daily should not make them sweat, acquire athlete’s foot or other kinds of complications. These is one of the reasons why the Tanjun is so popular .Also the lack of heel counter allows that the ventilation go across the whole foot without interruption.

Don’t forget that in this case breathability also makes the Tanjun less effective when used in cold weather, so take the necessary measures to avoid its consequences.


Normally to analyze responsiveness you have to assess the nature of the midsole. This is because the material used in the manufacturing of the midsole should enhance the discharge of the stored energy to provoke the desired momentum that the runners look for. The fact that the midsole and the outsole in the Nike Tanjun are practically the same, assures that the result of the release of energy when jogging will be huge. We would say that this is the highlight of the sneaker and without a doubt one of the best reasons to buy it.

Value for Money

This Nike Tanjun definitely is good value for money. Although it is at the lower price range of Nike shoes, it is still offering the quality of Nike.

Purchaser Reviews

Overall, Nike Tanjun has an excellent average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 according to Google.

Here are what of some of the reviewers say:

“After buying so many sneakers over the years, finally I have found the one that I can rate positively in every aspect. The Nike Tanjun Running shoes plainly have been the only pair I’ve owned that has made me totally happy. Its lightweight, really comfy design, and fashionable style have been a real surprise to me. I have used them regularly for a long period of time and I can say that the look is almost the same that the day that I bought them. They are for sure a 5-star.”

“Based on my experience, I can say that these sneakers are great. Considering that Nike shoes normally sizes are a little smaller, using 1 number higher makes them fit perfectly, feeling them really comfortable and easy to use. It is not easy to find classic black and white shoes these days. Everything is a crazy color or some kind of psychedelic pattern. I would recommend the Tanjun, with the only precaution that when ordering the shoes should be extra careful about the shoes size.”

“I bought it a gift for my boyfriend, and fit him very well, but the only problem was that the black sneakers look dusty quite easily. Anyways the good news is that you can wash it also very easily and clean them very quickly. The women’s shoes that I have are comfortable to use, breathable and good for wearing them every day. Due that they have some foam on the inside, make them very responsive too.”


Question: Is it possible to wash the Tanjun?

Answer: To keep the perfect form, I think that is better to wash them by hand or steam them, but throwing it in the machine carefully on soft mode also can be done, especially when the shoes have been overused.

Question: Can be used for jogging?

Answer: They are more for overall daily use, but they can be used for jogging.

Question: Can you return them?

Answer: Yes, but they have to be in decent shape before returning them and refund the money back.

Question: Are the shoes sturdy?

Answer: I have walked a lot with shoes since I bought them and I have to say that they will last some time, but the emphasis in this shoes is put in comfortability and lightness.


Value For Money
Purchaser Reviews


  • Easy to wear with any outfit
  • Comfortable design
  • Flexible upper
  • Great ventilation
  • Easy to wash


  • Not adequate for cold weather
  • Not waterproof


Nike has done an excellent job designing these shoes. The simple design allows it to be combined with most of the outfits, and the variety of monochromatic colors makes them really attractive for many people, no matter of gender or age.

Breathability is not an issue, thanks to the excellent material that is used to build the upper.

The drawbacks are that is not very wearable in cold weather or rainy conditions.

Its comfort and great price make these sneakers very good value, and we will recommend it for people that want to wear them for casual use or light exercise. The plush foam insole keeps them comfortable to wear throughout all sorts of activities and absorb the shock very efficiently while people run. Also is a very light sneaker, so it is practical to carry when you are on the move. These are shoes that are absolutely wearable outside of the gym, and that’s why are also considered very fashionable sport shoes.

The Nike Tanjun was chosen in 2018 as the Best-selling Running Shoes of the Year. With great influence from the popular Roshe Run, the Tanjun has received the honor thrice from its release in 2015.

In short, this Nike Tanjun is definitely recommended for those looking for cheaper Nike shoes.