Nike Odyssey React Review – Things You Should Know Before You Buy

Are you looking for Nike Odyssey React review, either for Women’s or Men’s? You have come to the right place.

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  • Forefoot height: 0.7 in.
  • Weight: 8.5 ounces
  • Heel Drop: 0.4 in.
  • Arch support: Neutral
  • Sole Material: Rubber compound


  • Full-length React midsole
  • Outsole: Rubber coverage is increased
  • Outside Material: EVA foam
  • Core material: Lunarlon
  • Stable cushioned platform


One of the reasons why many people like the Odyssey React, is its straightforward design. Though originality is not its main strength, the thin overlays that form the sides and insteps of the shoes, give them a strong attractiveness for many users.

The back of the shoes displays a pull tongue to facilitate the insertion, and a reflective strip to enhance awareness. The lacing structure maintains the line of the overlays mentioned before.

Regarding the shades in which the product is offered, there are mostly sober tones, but the ability to order more colorful products is also available.


After the Epic React, Nike continued that year with React technology and opted for the Odyssey React. With this model, the shoes offer you a reactive and light cushioning, but also thanks to the soft synthetic material that surrounds the shoe, gives you that stability that many shoes lose when they look for speed.

In addition, it is a shoe that the designers sought to learn from other models to focus maximum performance on the tread.

The foam of the sole is lighter and more durable than Lunarlon technology, thanks to the dense and durable rubber placed in strategic  areas such as the heel and toe.

For a greater degree of breathability, and also of lightness, the shoe incorporates a Jacquard mesh. With this type of material the degree of comfort and fit of the shoe goes up significantly.

They are asphalt shoes because of their durability and geometry, centered on the training section – although surely you will try them in competition. They are also perfect for those who are starting in the exciting world of running.

If you are looking for something more competition-oriented, you may be interested in the Nike Epic React Flyknit, a more minimalist shoe with Flyknit fabric.


The most notable difference between both Nike React models is in its sole. In the Nike Odyssey React, more reinforcements have been implemented to create greater rubber coverage than in the Epic React Flyknit, and they are distributed in the most strategic areas of the shoe to increase its durability.

It is a fact that the identity of the odyssey is reinforced with the implementation of the new React foam in its midsole, material that will undoubtedly give much to talk about.

The foam of the sole is lighter and more durable than Lunarlon technology, thanks to the dense and durable rubber placed in strategic wear areas such as the heel and toe.

It is also important to indicate that the geometric pattern that assembles the sole of the Nike Odyssey React has its raison d’être in generating smoother transitions, since it is capable of dispersing impacts and on the other hand making the shape more uniform.

User Reviews

At this point of time, Nike Odyssey React has an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 according to Google.

“Awesome product from Nike, they did a remarkable job on the Odyssey React. It is like the Epic React but cheaper. I like soft cushion sneakers and finally found the shoes that I have been looking for. I bought a half size up because my feet are a bit wider than usual and the truth is that it feels great, and combined with the quick delivery from Amazon I couldn’t be happier.“

“The Odyssey React can be used by quick runners. Very light product with a nice upper. Also is flexible and firm at the same time. The neoprene midfoot support and tongue are an amazing upgrade compared with previous products.“

“Another highlight is the React cushioning which is very responsive. Personally, I think that the offset drop is a little high and, I would like them with less drop and more forefront cushioning.“

“I have had several Lunarglide, but since they stopped upgrading them, I decided to try out the Odyssay react. I think that is surely a better shoe than the Lunarglides that I used before. It’s significantly tighter around the mid foot and the cushioning is superior to the Lunarglides one. Even though they are a bit tight now, I am sure that with a little use they will be okay.“


Most users of Nike Odyssey React gave positive reviews about the comfort level of these shoes. Reasons that have been given are for example the soft cushioning, the neoprene liner which allows great breathability, and its great responsiveness.

Also the jacquard mesh upper helps to avoid irritation, and adapts itself perfectly to the personal feet shape of the user. The shoes can be used either to work out or as an informal shoes to wear daily. Unfortunately as most of the things in life the product has a negative side too, and this is the narrow toe box which is often seen mentioned as a drawback when talking about of the comfort of the item.

Who Should Use It

Most runners who do not have wide feet, and can tolerate the warm feel of the upper would enjoy using Nike Odyssey react. For those with narrow feet, it is light, comfortable, and sturdy enough to wear it as a day running shoe.

It can be used by people either for running fast or slow, no matter the distance that they use to run.

Runners looking for a stability shoe should know that the Odyssey React is a mild-stability shoe.


Value For Money
Purchaser Reviews

Nike Odyssey React offers a more reactive and lighter response, in addition to the fact that this responsiveness capacity favors smoother transitions and significantly increasing its useful life. At the top, the Nike Odyssey React incorporates a Jacquard mesh, which makes the shoe lighter, has a greater degree of transpiration, and, of course, is great in the comfort department. Superior comfort that is confirmed by the incorporation of seamless overlays. Also do not forget that this kind of part made from neoprene, allows the athlete to enjoy a more tight fit.

On the other hand, this Odyssey React also brings with it a series of rubber reinforcement, both in the forefoot and in the heel area,  which helps heavier runners to increases the durability of the running shoes, mainly, in the more exposed and softer areas.

The shoes are very similar to the Epic but cheaper. The differences are a stronger sole material and the new tongue that was added. A couple of minor changes are that weigh a few ounces more and the upgraded stability in the heel area. The Epic makes more sense to most people because of the price difference. These shoes have become the clear favorites for many people who are interested in good value running shoes.


The React foam of the sole cushions a lot, so they seem perfect for long distances. So far I have only tried them running 10 miles, and I have found them very comfortable. I had no problems of adjustment, sore skin and etc.

As for the sole material, some parts are reinforced with rubber, which should make them resist better than other models that use the React foam, but do some says that they don’t hold the abrasion so well.

They are not so different from the previous models, but with greater cushioning, and the good news is that can also be dressed daily without a problem.


Forefoot is a bit narrow


Nike Odyssey React running shoes are very light, with excellent cushioning, and comfortable breathable mesh, but for some people too narrow at the toe. It is a good idea to buy a half higher number, so they will be not too narrow in the frontfoot. Now the positive side is that the foot is very sharp and gives confidence when using them. They are certainly very good shoes, but you have to pay a little attention to the size.