Nike Kyrie 4 Review – Things You Should Know Before You Buy

Are you looking for Nike Kyrie 4 review either for Men’s, Women’s or Kids? Check this out


  • Style: Low to top
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces
  • Color ways: Many
  • Foam: Cushlon
  • Sole Material: Rubber


  • True to size fit
  • Zoom air technology
  • Flywire mesh
  • Big suede panels

How Do They Fit?

The shoes look great, but you have to be careful about the size because these shoes are tighter in the middle and even though after a while they will break-in, is a good idea to put attention to the right size for your personal foot magnitude. To be clearer, it is not that the change it will be too dramatic, and generally speaking, if you have used other models of this series the features will be quite similar.

Wide footers have to be aware of this issue, but everybody else should go with true to size.

Kyrie 4 Design


The pattern of the outsole of the Kyrie 4 is a combination of traditional and aggressive designs, showing the popular multi-directional herringbone pattern, which performs great in a variety of conditions and courts. The outsole gets more efficient traction over time, and after wearing the basketball shoes several times, the traction reaches its performance peak. Reduce this time can be achieved by wiping the outsole regularly.

We think that the traction performance of the sneakers is good enough, but we also think that cannot surpass the performance of older models of the same series.


Many Kyrie series lovers are grateful that the 4 models have incorporated cushioning in this design, a feature that several of them missed strongly. The Kyrie 4 comes with cushioning that covers the whole midsole, and it is set up with a Pylon carrier that encloses the soft foam component.

The zoom air component is still present, giving all the features that older models displayed.

Talking about the midsole, the Kyrie’s one is quite skinny, resulting in a moderate bounce from the cushioning of it. For some this can be a limitation, but most of the players consider that this characteristic help them to get a good feeling of the court, and at the same time get a decent cushioning under their foot.

What Are They Made From?

Like the most part of these shoes, the materials used in the outsole are a combination of old and new ones. The lightness of the engineered mesh that is used in the forefoot avoid the need for any break in on this area of the shoes, and the nylon that is used in the underside help to reinforce the materials.

The sued substance that makes the heel area is , without been perfect, of decent quality and if you compared it with other model makes these shoes better value.

The posterior area of the shoes is durable, and again the nylon reinforcement is a great help to strengthen the mesh that is used in the rear part of the sneaker.


The rear internal heel panel of the shoes is not visible, but gives you a strong enough support to prevent the heel to slide inside the shoes. Even though is not made from the strongest material, the performance is nice.

The way that the midsole is designed is clever, and with its wide shape and low location act as a strong frame that support the foot efficiently.

The use of leather to reinforce the support of the foot is also clever, because the other way to get a strong support would have meant that the price of the shoes would be much pricier.

The Flywire mesh also prevents the foot from undesired lateral movements while doing hard moves and cuts.

And finally the hallmark of the Kyrie basketball shoes, the popular rounded outsole which makes that the heel to toe transition feels solid and reliable.


The cushioning is the same that previous model of the Kyrie line used, but with the difference that Nike added Zoom air and Cushlon to make it more balanced and go for a more ample spectrum of users. For this reason the versatility of the Kyrie 4 has attracted a massive attention from players of any size and shape. Now it is available the quality of the Nike shoes with the plus that was released at a price that is really reasonable for this kinds of shoes.

The Zoom Air component in the heel area feels responsive enough, and gives you a nice bounce. Even though is not the same bounce from other more expensive models of Nike, it is a great feature that will surprise many fans of the brand.

The Cushlon that comes in the forefoot is great, and the strike from your forefoot feels very powerful.


Value For Money
Purchaser Reviews

The Nike Kyrie 4 has been the best performer from Nike for a while. It has greatness in all aspects, makes the shoes more like super sneakers. The cushioning makes most of the users very happy, combined with its solid traction, support, and adequate fit.

The midsole has been enormously upgraded by the use of cushion foam, which has contributed to making the Kyrie 4 a much better product.

The appropriate price tag and versatility are also great reasons to buy the sneakers, and surely these shoes are an excellent job of the basketball’s designers from Nike.

The Nike Kyrie 4 basketball are a product that we recommend without hesitation.


  • Attractive look
  • Strong ankle support
  • Good traction
  • Deep cushioning
  • Comfortable to use


  • Time needed to break in


Nike Kyrie 4 has received a lot of enthusiasm by its series fans, and most of them loved the aesthetic appeal. For sure performance was the main factor that they were looking at. And in that respect we can say that traction is one of the highlights of the shoes performance. Another positive is that the amount of cushioning helps to feel the shoes really comfortable due that provides a great deal of ankle support.

Also these shoes from Nike are popular for its versatility and because at this level of quality is not easy to fund products in these range of price.

The bottom line is that the Kyrie 4 from Nike are an excellent pair of sneakers and we strongly recommend it.