Nike Epic React Flyknit Review – Things You Should Know Before You Buy

Are you looking for Nike Epic React Flyknit review, either for Women’s or Men’s shoes? You have come to the right place.

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  • Last: MR-20-KT
  • Style: BQ8928-100
  • Weight: 8.4 ounces for mens, and 6.9 ounces for women
  • Offset: 9mm (27mm heel, 18mm forefoot)
  • Shown: White/Lime Blast/White


This model is the successor of the Lunar Epic from Nike, but with new reactive technology “REACT”. The product arrives as a cushioned daily training shoe, but with 8.4 ounces of weight for the men’s and 6.9 ounces for the woman’s shoes, it is already seen that it will allow her to dress it in all kinds of situations.

  • The contoured collar sits right below the ankle for a comfortable fit.
  • The easy entry is given by inner sleeve
  • Responsive react technology
  • Rubber pattern on forefoot and heel provides double traction


Using a pressure map and the computerized fluid geometry algorithm system, Nike has tried to give the appropriate amount of responsiveness to each point of the Nike Epic React Flyknit structure.

Normally every runner has a sweet responsiveness spot, not everyone has the same taste and hence people use different brands of running shoes. Now, after many years trying on shoes we think that most runners understand a good cushioning, not because of their efficiency at the time of running, but by their touch and course. If we take this point into account, the cushioning of the Nike Epic React Flyknit is practically perfect. Yes, it sounds like an advertisement, a publicity report and whatever you want, but put it on and then you will see.

It is the first shoe that combines a large amount of cushioning with a very soft touch and an appreciable return of energy. This return of energy or resilience is the key so that the React does not feel like a Boost. The React is soft and has a long way to go if you ask but, above all, it is progressive. That progressiveness makes your foot sink but not in excess and that ability to cushion gradually with good tact and return to the initial position is simply enviable and something that I had never felt on my feet before


Nike uses in Epic React Flyknit, its own technique of mixed shoes and especially in those of competition that is needed to insert the minimum amount of solid rubber and only in the places of maximum abrasion. The rest is completed with the midsole itself, which reaches the ground. The material that replaces the solid rubber is lighter and therefore the weight is reduced. Traction is not lost, and durability remains intact thanks to the sturdy material that uses in the Epic React Flyknit.

Upper Of The Nike Epic React Flyknit

The Nike Epic React Flyknit upper is visually simple and elegant. If it were not for the heel clip, in pink in the photos and that we will now explain, as well as the shooter in the same area, in yellow, I would say that even sober. The type of light mesh that is used to breathe is called Flyknit, as the name suggests. The mesh that wraps the foot acts as a tongue. It seems too big, but what you see is a protrusion of the mesh that will serve, along with the heel puller, to help introduce the foot.

Thus, in areas where more adjustment is needed, the mesh is very thick, while in which more breathability is needed, the mesh is more open. Unlike other brands, Nike does not put here a plastic reinforcement strip in the area of ​​the fingers since it relies on the strength of the mesh, very strong in this area.

The heel precisely has other innovative elements of this model: Heel Clip and Heel Skin. The Heel Clip is made of TPU. Only by having the shoe in our hands, we can see how the material of the midsole stands out in the entire length of the heel. Heel Clip, pink, and Heel Skin blue (hugging the heel, but more flexibly than usual in a running shoe), will take care of the difficult task of containing and stabilizing the ankle at the time of hitting the ground when running. It is in the heel where we find the only reflective element: a small vertical strip.


The design of the Nike Epic React Flyknit attracts a lot of attention, because it is formed by a midsole made in a frame of intentionally disproportionate size. Its slight curved form facilitates the landing in a better position and the rapid transition and take-off.

To ensure that a shoe with such a soft midsole is not unstable, they have put in to place a piece of TPU (heel shelf) around the heel. This pink piece prevents lateral ankle movements since it is an optimized model for heels.

In addition, the large volume of the midsole on the heel manages to distribute the impact of landing on an oversized surface of the material, preventing the foot from sinking suddenly or the chassis bending towards some side, making the shoe stable and also preventing possible problems.
It has been proven in several studies that a wide midsole considerably increases the functional stability and perceived by the runner.

User Reviews

At this point of time, Nike Epic React Flyknit has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5. Most of buyers are happy with their purchase.

Some of the reviews:

“I loved the shoes. They had just arrived and I run nearly 18 miles. The product is great for long-distance, due to its lightweight and comfortability. Also talking about durability, after that I have trained for marathons more than 100 miles the shoes are still in good shape.”

“My way of running is falling with the tip and my heel touches the ground very little, I tried to run with the ultra boost of Adidas and I was disappointed, my feet began to hurt a lot and I decided to stop using them. For me these shoes have been perfect and I would really recommend them without reservation.”

“First of all, the fit is brutal and the comfort too. The stability and grip are quite good, and the reactivity, impressive. At fast rates, they are very comfortable, like running on clouds. And well they are light, I would give them the following uses seeing how they have behaved: Shooting of 4:30 up, like ultra boost but with more cushioning, walking, gym, and slippers for daily usage. The truth is that I have felt something very similar to what I feel when I use my Elite 9, so for my liking, the day that the life of my Elite comes to an end, these can easily be their substitutes.”

“The sole gave me a very good impression, but sadly I never liked the sneakers with such a thin and soft upper, I feel that it does not contain my foot and that it moves too much to the sides, but maybe it is just my impression. I could never get used to it. I prefer Adidas uppers, more padded and more stable.”


Value For Money
Purchaser Reviews


Basically, the Nike Epic React Flyknit has left us with an awe feeling, due that it is the paradigm of a very cushioned shoe although, logically, it will not be a model for everyone.The faster you usually run, the better, and the light weight and responsiveness will help a lot to your pace.


The sensation of pressure would be something important to consider at the beginning, but with time it improves gradually until its is not an issue anymore  I would say that is not for runners who need extra stability, especially those with delicate knees and requiring extra support.


The Nike Epic React Flyknit is a daily training shoe, but at the same time, it contains elements sought in shoes of another profile such as mixed or competition. It is muffled and visually somewhat bulky, but reactive, tremendously light and tight. I think it is a shoe that can be used throughout the types of runners of neutral tread that are looking for a very cushioned product, and also for those who value-adding large doses of reactivity and lightness to that cushioning. Also incidentally, do not care that it is that is tight at the first training sessions.

In my opinion, you can make runs of all kinds and rhythms, mainly by asphalt or urban environment. Its cushioning and lightness makes it a very good option for medium and long-distance races in all types of rhythms, even fast. The truth is that the product has a lot of good points that we have already reported extensively in our Nike Epic React Flyknit Running Shoes Review, and in terms of weak points to take into account when acquiring them, we would say that the feeling of adjustment would be something important (over time it improves but something can result in “Oppressive” in the middle zone). Also, we feel that the item is not a shoe for runners who need extra stability, especially those with delicate knees and requiring extra support.

The only thing we can say is that it is a shoe that we would recommend you to try, whether you are going to buy it or not, although the sensation after wearing it several times will change a lot, because after a while the area in the middle of the shoes get softer and it loosens up a little.