Brooks Ghost 11 GTX Review – Read This Before You Buy

Are you looking for Brooks Ghost 11 GTX review, either Men’s and Women’s? Let’s find out here.

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  • Weight: 9.5 oz
  • Road. Differential: 12mm. Heel/Toe: 30mm/18mm
  • Cushioning: 2 of 3
  • Midsole Drop: 12 mm


  • Support: Neutral
  • Arch: Medium, High
  • Weigh: 10,9 oz
  • DNA LOFT heel crash pad for softer landings



  • Rubber sole
  • Lightweight synthetic overlays
  • Removable foam insole
  • Gender-friendly cushioning design


  • Synthetic sole
  • Manmade
  •  High energizing cushioning
  • Soft, secure fit

When you think about cushioned neutral sneakers, the list is really long. However, in that list, there few shoes that have withstood the test of time and proven their worth year after year and among these few shoes is the Brook Ghost 11 GTX. The product exists to offer amazing cushioning without actually compromising responsiveness. This is why it has always been the best choice for most
runners. The shoe is reliable for long-distance running as it is highly responsive and lightweight to help you stay ahead of the pack. Here is the ultimate Brook Ghost 11 GTX review that will help you understand why this sneaker has been and will continue being a bestseller.

Fit and Design

This is a running shoe which provides adequate support and cushioning. The product features a medium arch that perfectly   supports any individual who is involved in casual running and speed training. It is a sneaker that has highly been optimized for conditions that are wet through the unique element at the upper which inhibits water infiltration. The support of this product is mainly given by the proprietary cushioning units at the underfoot.


Brook Ghost 11 GTX features an upper unit made using engineered mesh. This is a fabric-like material that strongly holds the user’s feet in place. Additionally, this mesh also offers breathability and flexibility. As a result, you realize that in spite of sweating, your feet remain cool and dry alleviating any chances of developing blisters. As though that is not enough, the sneaker features visible vents around the façade that welcomes air in the shoe. Hence, aeration is at its best when you are using this shoe.

Moreover, the upper also has a Gore-Tex membrane that protects you against moisture. Therefore, its role is to ensure that the foot-chamber is cool and dry regardless of whether the user is passing through shallow streams and puddles. This membrane does this without compromising breathability.

There are also printed overlays which boost the silhouette’s integrity of the shoe. They work together with the lacing unit to give the user a secure fit. Furthermore, there is a heel counter which aids the rear part of the shoe’s upper in holding your feet at place. As a result, you cannot experience any accidental shoe removals.


Blown rubber is the material that makes the outsole of this shoe. Therefore, this material protects your feet against abrasion of the surfaces. The blown rubber that makes this shoe comes with a spongy characteristic which boosts the general shoe cushioning of the midsole capacity.

Stile on the outsole, there are flex grooves which are design elements which promote natural foot bending as it goes towards the toe-off gait cycle phase.


Brook Ghost 11 GTX  comes with a full-length midsole – BioMoGo DNA. This part is well designed to offer adequate cushioning for the under part of your foot. The midsole features recycled materials, making it environmentally friendly. The top part takes the
foot pad’s shape offering support to unaddressed parts.

Behind the DNA Loft technology featured by this sneaker is a c And Tractionrash pad that gets the load of impact exerted by the feet when running. This crash pad is designed to remain intact and taut in the midst of multiple usages.

The midsole features a segmented crash pad and this is a design that partitions the section into several parts. This way, the shoe has the capacity to give you high flexibility, as well as massive movement control. Additionally, it ensures that
impact force is eliminated at the contact point alleviating any chances of experiencing discomfort.

Heel Support And Traction

The heel area features soft cushioned material to enhance your comfort when running. Moreover, the wall at the heel does not extend too much up, making you very comfortable and giving you amazing support.

In spite of being highly optimized for wet areas, this Brook Ghost 11 GTX shoe model performs exemplary on various terrains as well as conditions. When running on wet ground, you cannot experience any sliding or slipping even during a heavy downpour. Therefore, you can be sure that the sneaker has above-average traction facilitated by the deep patterns at the sole of the shoe.

Shock Absorption

The refreshed foam at the midsole is partitioned into sections of shock absorbers. Therefore, the shoe is at a better place to disperse impact as you run and as a result, facilitates a smooth rolling ready for your next stride. Hence, the transition from heel to toe
is quick and this is characterized by solid protection.

Brook Ghost 11 GTX features a weight of 309 grams. Of course, it is not the lightest sneaker available but this weight makes it sturdy and comfortable due to the extra cushioning it comes with. Additionally, this is a perfect weight as it does not
weigh you down as you train or run. 

Brooks Ghost 11 features a 12mm drop of head to toe. This drop pushes you ahead while running or practicing, making this a eliable shoe for athletes. However, to give it a natural stride, this drop could be reduced.

More Highlights Of The Ghost 11 GTX

  • Blown rubber outsole
  • BioMoGo DNA midsole
  • Engineered mesh
  • Gore-Tex membrane

User Reviews

Most of the buyers seem happy witheir purchasement of the Ghost 11, and the majority say that they wear the item comfortably, and some of them remark the quality of the cushioning which is specially named in many opinions. Some of them complain about of the size of the size of the toe box, but this issue is more about the complexion of the individual person.


Value For Money
Purchaser Reviews

Pros of Brooks Ghost 11:

  • Extra cushioning
  • Great support
  • Reasonably priced
  • Flexible and breathable mesh
  • Available in different colors
  • 4-width options
  • High-quality materials
  • Waterproof upper for wetness protection
  • Perfect weight for long distance
  • Perfect on different terrains

Cons of Brook Ghost 11:

  • The drop of head to toe should be lower
  • The size is half a size reduced than
    normal sneakers


Brooks Ghost 11 is an amazing delight to run or train with. It is highly comfortable and its support is second to none. The product features extra cushioning that makes it supportive. Additionally, this sneaker features a breathable design that makes it perfect when running during hot seasons. The waterproof upper it is equipped with makes it ideal for use during the rainy seasons or in wet areas. It is, therefore a product that gives the user amazing value and superior durability, making it worth the investment. In spite of its top-notch performance, this product is fairly priced and so you should order it as stocks last.

Cushioning, sturdiness and lightens are the main features of the Ghost 11, and without been a seasoned runner shoe, the product presents an excellent value for the money,  and for most of the regular joggers these shoes will be more than enough to perform the physical activities that a regular person develop.  In summary we can recommend the Brooks Ghost 11 Gtx for the most of people that are looking for a good quality product  that help them to exercise comfortably.