8 Best Bowling Shoes For The Money 2020

If you want to get your bowling performance to stand up off the pack, you will have to get the best bowling shoes that you can buy.  Getting a good pair of bowling shoes can make the difference between shooting a gutter ball or a strike, which means a lot for any fan of this exciting sport. Normally amateur bowlers don’t understand that bowling shoes are as important as the ball that you are bowling with. The release of the ball is greatly affected by the pace of the bowler, and in that sense, the shoes are significantly influential.

It is true that bowling shoes for rent are all over the place, but anyone that bowls regularly will tell you that in the long term own your personal bowling shoes makes a world of difference, considering not only performance, but also budget.

These are the reasons why we have researched the bowling shoe market to put together a compilation of bowling shoes that in our opinion are the best value products today

1. Dexter Mens Kam Bowling Shoes


  • Leather balance sole
  • Moisture absorbent microfiber lining
  • Light shank
  • Nappa PU leather upper


  • 100% Polyurethane
  • Heel: 2″

These shoes have several positives. Starting for the easiness to put them on and off, and following for the real look of them that appears exactly as the pictures that are promoted with. Also durability is not an issue, showing a resilient sturdiness that deserves to be remarked.

Its design is sober and elegant, contradicting the style that is so often seen in traditional bowling shoes that sometimes look so exuberant for the taste of regular aficionados of this great activity.

The Dexter Men’s Kam Bowling Shoes feel really comfortable and after a little use, they adapt on your foot as you were wearing them forever. All this is a result of its flexibility and a slip-on style. The breathability is enhanced by the side vents that combine with its lightweight canvas upper makes your bowling experience a real treat. Beyond that these bowling shoes come with a removable EVA footbed, a non-marking rubber outsole, and  S8 Microfiber slide soles that keep your feet cool during your regular games of bowling.

Finally, we think that the Men’s Kam Bowling Shoes are reasonably priced regarding the quality of the manufacturing and the sturdy material that is used in their confection. Definitely, we think that the product is a great addition for any bowler that is interested in getting the best of his game. 

2. Brunswick Men’s Slingshot Grey/Yellow Bowling Shoe


  • Raised rubber heel
  • No lace fastening system
  • Athletic performance knit


  • Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 0.7 in.
  • Weight: 12 oz.

With its up to date design and its yellow and grey look, the Brunswick Men’s Slingshot bowling shoes are thought to display an athletic style and remarkable performance. Beyond that, the comfort and breathability of the shoes is enhanced by the cleaver knit that present the high quality raw material. The lack of lace system makes them easy to put on and off, and the light weight help to achieve easy and fluid movement.

Its universal slide soles are also a feature that is interesting to know, as the pure slide microfiber slide that is present in both sides of the sole is a real highlight of it. Also the outside is made from molded EVA which makes the shoes extremely light and comfortable. The rubber heel has been raised to improve the control that the bowlers have over their slide.

Also is useful to acknowledge that there are not many bowling shoes that show this level of quality at this price, which makes them an excellent value item. Besides, the prestige of Brunswick gives a lot of confidence when purchasing them. Definitely these shoes are a product that we would recommend.

3. Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes


  • Durable man-made uppers
  • Lightly cushioned foam footbed
  • Slide-Rite S8 microfiber slide forefoot
  • Defined horseshoe heel outsole


  • Weight: 11.oz

The Dexter Dani Bowling Shoes are very comfortable, and the only that is needed is to wear them a couple of times to make them adapt perfectly to your foot. There is no doubt that wear your own shoes gives you much more confidence that using regularly shoes that have been used for other people. This model from Dexter allows you to get your new shoes at an affordable price that without break your bank, will give you the peace of mind that the only person that have use the shoes is yourself.

After try them several times we can say that the products feels much more comfortable that many other shoes, even better that several more expensive ones. In our opinion it is also nice that the items come in true size, meaning that you don’t need to make bothersome calculation to know which is the right size comparing with your regular street shoes.

Beyond that, the item shows strong support avoiding being too stiff, which is great when you hit the bowling alley. The slide pad, even though is not replaceable, gives reasonable slide capability

The aesthetic aspect is athletic and casual that without being the traditional style that we see in many top bowling shoes is attractive and modern.

4. Brunswick Men’s Frenzy Static Bowling Shoes- Black/Gray


  • Light molded EVA outsole
  • Athletic mesh upper with EVA
  • Raised rubber heel


  • Shipping weight: 10.8 lbs.

Its stylish appearance makes the Brunswick frenzy bowling shoes for men, attractive for many bowlers, and also the mesh upper that the shoes come with, help the breathability and hence comfort for its users. The shoes are light enough to provide easiness of movement and the required slide ability that is required to play this great sport. To achieve this, the product comes with a pure slide microfiber slide soles that gives you great slide capacity on both feet. In this shoes you can also see that the universal soles displays a mesh upper that consist of EVA foam padded collar, and also that the tongue is very soft due to its light construction material.

To improve the control that players have over the slide the product comes with a rubber raised heel that is also made slide pure slide microfiber slide.

The Frenzy Static is a descendent of the Frenzy shoe line which has been a huge success model from Brunswick for many years. The level of comfort is similar and the only difference that this model show a sober shades of colors.

The shoes is especially useful for persons that are just starting to play, because its lightness and its ability to slide.

5. KR Strikeforce Aviator Grey Bowling Shoes Men’s


  • Raised rubber heel pad
  • Open Cell foam footbed
  • Microfiber Slide Pad
  • Bubble Rubber CMEVA outsole


  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited
  • Shipping weight: 10.8 lbs.

The new technologies that are used in the confection of the KR Strikeforce Aviator bowling shoes for men are designed to give you premium comfort, and a probe of it is that the shoes are 40% lighter than the majority of rubber outsole shoes. Also this rubber outsoles are combined with breathable knitted upper material and that together with the raised rubber heel pad result in a product of high quality.

Beyond that their lightweight and athletic design allows to improve the performance of the players in the Bowling alleys.

The Strikeforce Men’s Aviator Bowling Shoes also come with an open cell foam footbed, bubble rubber CMEVA outsole, and a soft knitted upper to enhance even more the comfort when wearing them.

The sliding capacity is helped by the FlexSlide technology and microfiber slide pad, which allow the bowlers a high control and consistence over all their directional movements.

Durability is not an issue with these shoes made by Strikeforce, because the quality of the Komfort-Fit construction that make the product to have a longer lifespan.

All in all the shoes are a good alternative for bowlers that don’t want to spend a lot of money in their own bowling shoes

6. Brunswick Men’s Rampage Bowling Shoes Left Hand- Grey/Red


  • Athletic mesh upper with EVA
  • Extra light molded EVA outsole
  • Raised rubber heel
  • Foam padded collar and tongue


  • Shipping weight 10.8 lbs.

This Brunswick rampage are left handed shoes that shows the singularity to have slide and grip soles. Beyond that its simple and stylish designed is highlighted by the synthetic upper which displays red and grey colors. The customizable slide rubber sole technology is also remarkable, and together with the padded tongue and collar make the product even more attractive.

The game of the bowler is facilitated by the mesh upper that gives great breathability and padding in all the important areas of the shoes. Also the extra-light EVA outsole help to improve the performance in the bowling alleys, making easy the movements and slides that the game require. In this case the responsible for the effectiveness of the slide are the pure slide microfiber slide soles offer immediate superior slide.

The bottom line is that we think that the Brunswick rampage are a good and versatile pair of shoes that can be used not only for Bowling, but for many other sports too. Even more, we would dare to say that also can be worn as a casual shoes for multiple occasions.

Our conclusion is that this product is a great addition for people that like to use nice and well designed shoes, and also that the price at that the shoes are sold is very attractive.

7. Storm Meadow Bowling Shoes


  • Lightweight cotton canvas
  • Molded removable blown EVA footbed
  • Classic Blucher upper pattern
  • Non-marking rubber outsole


  • Sizes available: 6-10, 11

No matter if you are a casual bowler or a more dedicated one, the Storm Meadow Bowling shoes are comfortable and have really nice look. Also its aesthetic attraction rest not only in the fact that the design of the shoes is really original, but could be worn as a street shoes too.

If you expect a tennis shoe like feel, you will be disappointed, because one of the most important features in a Bowling shoes is the amount of support to the heel, and the fabric that is used in this product is intended to do exactly that. Despite this fact, the shoes definitely break in after a couple of sessions of use feeling much softer.

If you are a regular Bowler, we think that given the price of them, it really worth to give them a try and don’t waste the money that is necessary to spend in rented shoes every time that you hit the Bowling alleys.

This is a remarkably affordable product, and doesn’t show any kind of roughness or friction when you start using them. The size is not an issue, because the shoes are of exactly the same size of street shoes, and considering that you are the only people that will be wearing it, the decision is a no brainer.

8. Arcopedico Leta B Shoes


  • Polyurethane Sole
  • Arch Support
  • Lytech Upper


  • Made in the USA or imported.
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 6.2 x 4 in.
  • Shipping weight: 3 lbs.

The Arcopedico Leta B Shoes are basically comfortable has a traditional bowling shoes look and fit very well.

They are also very light, and sometimes you feel like you are walking barefoot. The price is so reasonable that it well worth the purchasement, taking into the account that you will avoid the annoying rent payment. Especially for flat footed persons the support of the shoes is very appropriate.

Another positive is that the laces seem to apply the right pressure without to be too light neither too strong. The design is sporty and fashionable, making it a product that you can wear for a variety of events.

As expected from Arcopedicos, the product is well manufactured and also comfortable.

The bottom line is that there is no doubt that the shoes are not cheap, but considering the quality of the materials that are used in the production , our opinion is that they come at a fair price. As the most things in life there is a tradeoff between price and quality and in this case we think that if someone can afford to buy them, it would be a great choice.