Best Brooks for Walking

Choosing the best Brooks for walking is not that challenging because most Brooks shoes are good for walking and all exercises. Check out the best walking shoes from this brand that suit your style.

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Women’s Brooks Shoes for Walking

Walking seems to be the simplest exercise for everyone, mostly women. Some of them think that walking along the park doesn’t require high-quality sneakers, as there is no strong pressure on the feet. As a matter of fact, the feet need total comfort during their walking sessions. Don’t worry, there are several categories of the best Brooks for walking that they will love to wear.

1.     Addiction Walker Suede

Even the common Brooks’ shoes for women are very soft, this series is even softer, thanks to the suede material, which is also filled with the very soft cushioning that women want to enjoy during their long walking path.

Its sole ensures the slip-resistant materials so it is safe for all kinds of surfaces. Regardless of its limited colors, it is still worth every woman’s bank savings. Style and comfort come along together, due to the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar technology that delivers the best support system, not only for the feet and knees but also the entire body. Its arch is strategically positioned for keeping the body in its natural motion path.

Addiction Walker Suede’s collection

2.     Adrenaline GTS 20

It has the most ultimate support for women who love walking and running at ease. Just like other GTS series, this Brooks’ legendary series has gone through several improvements for buyers’ total comfort, without sacrificing their need for speed.

It applies GuideRails support system that provides excellent cushioning. Its overall performance has a modern look, with a very futuristic toe tip. The midsole drop is 12 mm, which is more than just enough to comfort the feet during the long-running or walking. Without any doubt, this is the most comfortable series of the best Brooks for walking, which are highly recommended for those who are in a great desire for stylish and durable shoes.

Adrenaline GTS 20‘s Collection

3.     Ghost 12

Running or walking like a ‘ghost’ is what wearers feel with this shoe. This is a new series of Brooks which is designed flawlessly for women. It suits women’s ergonomy with the smooth transitions between movements, while its pillow-like cushioning helps women to run or walk in such a very comfortable way. Just like other Brook’s women’s shoes, it applies the very soft DNA LOFT.

Ghost 12’s collection

4.     Adrenaline GTS 19

This series is classified as the latest GTS or Go-To-Shoe from Brooks which spread on the all-inclusive GuideRails that ensures wearers’ comfort with the soft and deep cushioning. It is highly protective for the knees, which are very prone to injury if the feet don’t wear supportive shoes.

 Excessive movements are fine with these shoes, thanks to the BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioning. They are combined perfectly to deliver a great softness for the foot, though users won’t lose sensitivity and in walking or running. The durability is guaranteed, thanks to the high-quality material.

Adrenaline GTS 19’s Collection

5.     Glycerin 17

It is also the best walking shoe for women that ensures speed and comfort altogether. It is cushioned with the very thick, yet comfortable The DNA LOFT cushioning foam guarantees lightweight features. It is excellent for all kinds of exercises, including running, aerobics, and other kinds of workout. The 3D Fit Print technology makes all wearers fell in love right away because of the just-right booty stretch. 

Glycerin 17’s Collection

6.     Ariel 20

Women consider this stylish shoe as their favorite Brooks’ series, thanks to the GuideRails® support that help them to walk faster without any concern about injury. The upper part is a highly supportive structured saddle. Ariel ’20 looks elegant with the fitted sock liner. It warrants wearers to adapt to their speed and weight with the BioMoGo DNA cushioning, so wearers won’t suffer from the joints’ excessive pressures.

Ariel 20’s Collection

7.     Dyad 10

It is regarded as the best Brooks for walking that women want for their feet comfort and style. Dyad has rugged protection for stable foot movement with the Dual Arch Pods, while it is still very breathable and fit to the feet’s comfort.

Women with voluminous, orthotics, or flat feet will find comfort in this well-improved soft engineered mesh upper. It highlights the built-in rock plate for protecting the feet from rocks, supported with BioMoGo DNA.

Dyad 10’s Collection

8.     PureFlow

Its flawless softness is extending throughout the midsole with the flexible sole. It is not only soft but also delivers a much more even transition that wearers can feel from heel to toe with the Sock-Like Fit. Wearers can rest assured that their feet still can breathe with the specially designed Air Mesh upper.

PureFlow’s Collection

Men’s Brooks Shoes for Walking

Choices for the best Brooks for walking that men are not as many as women’s. But these shoes will represent men’s personality who demand comfort and style altogether.

  1. Addiction Walker

Men need more than just average shoes for walking. Addiction Walker has everything that all men need for a lightweight walking shoe. It also applies the standard Brooks shoes like BioMoGoDNA for foot support, the midfoot transition zone shape from heel to toe, and a single-layer, one-piece mesh upper for foot breathability.

Addiction Walker’s Collection

2. Addiction Walker V-Strap 2

This shoe is for men who hate to waste time in lacing shoes. It is supportive and slips resistant. It applies Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) for the body weight support system. The BioMoGo DNA protects the joints by reducing the impact on them.

Addiction Walker V-Strap 2

3. Addiction 14

It has a roomy forefoot that still offers controlled support with the light upper. It fits with a man with flat, orthotics, or high-volume feet. Still, it applies BioMoGo DNA cushioning and Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB).

Addiction 14’s Collection

4. Beast 20

Its newly designed GuideRails® support technology is its main highlight. Comfortable front to back part is supported with the roomy, yet fitted designed mesh upper with an excellent embroidered saddle.

Beast 20 Collection

With all of those choices for the best Brooks for walking for men and women, walking is much more convenient. Besides, all of those aforementioned shoes can also be used for light exercises indoor like gym exercises and aerobics.

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