Best ASICS Shoes For Long Distance Running 2020 – Men’s and Women’s

Are you looking for the best ASICS shoes for long distance running?

According to ASICS itself, these are the best ASICS shoes for for long distance running:

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Running on road


Gel-Nimbus 22 - Popular Shoes


Gel-Cumulus 22
New Model













Gel-Kayano 27 - Popular Shoes


GT-2000 9


GT-1000 9








Trail running


Gel-scram 6


Gel-Venture 7 - Best Seller


Gel-Sonoma 5


Alpine XT


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1.     Gel – Cumulus 22

It fits perfectly with the wearers’ foot, with the seamless 3D print construction combined perfectly well with the one-piece upper mesh. Its midsole is designed with the softer FLYTEFOAM® technology, for ensuring a pillow-like feel.

The underpart of the heel is made perfectly for the best isolate impact with the ultimate forefoot flex grooves. The rubber outsole is equipped with the durable AHAR® for the best long-running experience.

2.     Gel – Nimbus 22 

It is not only improving in cushioning but also its stride which is highly responsive. GEL® cushioning unit in the back part of the shoe can deliver a good feel to the heel that won’t feel the sudden shock while running.

This technology is made perfect with the midsole’s FLYTEFOAM® Propel technology for high effectiveness in running. Still, it boasts the lightweight mesh upper for breathability, without taking the outer performance for granted. Running workouts is much easier with the lightweight AHAR® technology in the outsole. No more weary foot ever again with GEL-NIMBUS® 22.

3.     GT-1000 9

This series is a stylish and lightweight shoe for runners who demand a stable ride. This is a limited edition, so don’t be disappointed if you can’t buy it right away, as celebrities are your main competitors.

It has the perfect mishmash of FLYTEFOAM® and GEL® technology which can step to the ground without causing a shock to the foot. The sockliner is contoured that results in an excellent finishing touch. Its overall performance stands out, while it is also the winner in the versatility among other similar shoes.

4.     Glideride

Imagine running without wasting too much energy with the highly improved cushioning with the FLYTEFOAM® technology. The GEL® technology supports the feet to avoid too much pressure on the ankle joint, calf, and knee. When an ankle moves too much, then runners will run out of energy too fast. Swinging the foot forward is pretty easy, thanks to the shoe mass center which is very close to the heal.

5.     Evoride

It still boasts the FLYTEFOAM® Propel foam for the most efficient running through miles. Runners will feel like running on a velvet sole as they won’t get weary too soon, due to the fast and repetitive movements.

It is also one of the best Asics shoes for long distance running which applies GUIDESOLE™ technology, which ensures the midsole can contact the full ground with a very smooth transition from heel-to-toe. Either it is a short or long run, Evoride is still the best option as it is very breathable with the quality material for the constant flowing air, both in and out.

6.     GT-2000 9 

Asics aficionados never want to change their favorite shoes, as they still put their trust in this GT-2000™ series. It remains fashionable with such durable and outstanding features, whether it is for people who just want to show off their shoes during their weekend on the park, or even marathon runners.

It is not only well-cushioned and lightweight but also delivers the best support. As one of the most reliable shoes from Asics, it still combines the FLYTEFOAM® and GEL® technology for the most outstanding cushioning. 

7.     Gel – Kayano 27

Breathable feet is what all runners need, so they also deserve Gel – Kayano 27. The highly improved mesh upper maintains the feet to stay cool. At the same time, the sole is highly stretchy for supporting the foot to move freely without any shock impact.

The SPACE TRUSSTIC™ technology is applied to the midsole for the sake of the shoe’s stability against the body weight. Its rearfoot part has the reflective materials that cover the shoes’ for runners’ visibility in the dark. 

8.     Metarun

While it comes to the best Asics shoes for long-distance running, it surely delivers comfort for those who just want to enjoy jogging around the park. Its FLYTEFOAM® technology never fails in delivering a smooth ride, from the heel to toe.

The cushioning also applies the GEL® technology in the heel so there will be great protection for the heel. The available colors stand out, like the Classic Red which is often sold out, Beige and Black. The upper side of the shoe wraps the foot comfortably, though it still provides the stability for the toe. All in all, it is excellent for both newbies or experienced runners.

9.     Dynablast 

Regardless of its several layers that ensure over-all comfort, it is still very lightweight. The breathable upper is what runners like, besides the responsive underfoot during their run. The FLYTEFOAM® Blast technology provides the bouncing ride from the midsole. There will be no risk of a sore foot, thanks to the perfectly structured foam and sole. 

10.    Roadblast 

Roadblast is proud of the well-structured components for the best bounce which works responsively for long-lasting comfort.

It is also a combination of style and function, so this is the best choice for everyone, who needs to stay practical and stylish at the same time. This series features the knit pattern that shows gender specifically, in which people can identify whether the shoe is for men or women, based on the performance. Bouncing the return of the energy is what either men or women love to enjoy, thanks to the FLYTEFOAM® Blast and AMPLIFOAM™ technologies.  

All of those series are available in either women or men versions, so the best Asics shoes for long distance running is definitely versatile for all genders, who demand, not only stylish, but also highly durable and comfortable running shoes.