Best Asics Neutral Running Shoes – Women’s and Men’s

Looking for the best Asics neutral running shoes?

To save your time, here we have compiled the Best ASICS Neutral Running Shoes, as recommended by ASICS itself:

  1. Gel-Cumulus 22
  2. Gel Nimbus 22
  3. Gel-Kayano 26
  4. Novablast
  5. Dynablast
  6. Evoride
  7. Glideride
  8. Novablast SPS
  9. Gel-Scram 6
  10. Gel Nimbus Lite
  11. Gel Nimbus Platinum
  12. Gel Contend 6

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1.     Gel-Cumulus 22

This Gel Cumulus 22 is the newest model of the Gel Cumulus model at the current time of writing. Its features are beyond compare. It remains one of the most recommended shoes among others, thanks to its seamless construction in three-dimension printing that adds the extraordinary a one-piece upper mesh.

The best thing about this shoe is the soft cushion midsole that applies FLYTEFOAM® technology. Its sock liner is made of premium material with the best breathability feature. The specific areas with direct contact to the ground are equipped with the long-lasting AHAR® rubber outsole. 

2.     Gel Nimbus 22

It is one of the best selling Asics neutral running shoes. It is the perfect shoe for long-lasting comfort for the foot, even in the long run. The running shoe boasts the GEL® cushioning which is much softer than the previous version, for reducing the shock effect.

It is roomy enough for runners with wider feet. Its midsole is equipped with the FLYTEFOAM® Propel technology. The shoe arch is layered with the TRUSSTIC™ technology for extended durability. Regardless of its various layers, it is still lightweight, even with the thermoplastic material. 

3.    Gel-Kayano 26 

This is also a best seller of ASICS. This exceedingly innovative shoe is rich in features such as EVA sockliner for total rebound and the TRUSSTIC SYSTEM® technology for better stability. Simultaneously, the SpEVA 45 is there for bounce-back improvisation. This is definitely one of the best Asics neutral running shoes. 

3.     Novablast

Classified as one of the more expensive running shoes, Novablast stands out for its ability in reducing knee pain for most of its buyers. It is merely a neutral running shoe, but it delivers an optimum running experience.

The FLYTEFOAM® Blast midsole foam supports the lightweight feature so runners can feel fully energetic. This technology also supports the midsole and outsole so everything is perfect here. Runners can enjoy the trampoline impact that doesn’t hurt the foot in the long run.

It has a proper airflow with its well-engineered mesh upper. The available colors vary from the standard, yet gorgeous black and several color combination, grey floss, tuna blue, white/glacier grey. 

4.     Dynablast 

Most users love its performance, though they love the features much better. The White/Glacier Grey is the most favorite choice as it is mostly out of stock, though others are also very gorgeous like Piedmont Grey, Black/Pink Glo.

The soft feeling comes from the technology of one-piece FLYTEFOAM® Blast, which ensures wearers’ comfort, regardless of how many miles that they have gone through. The design for the sole is made specifically for comfortable running from the heel to toe. It is good for running, but it is also perfect for several aerobic activities. 

5.     Evoride 

This shoe is for men who demand an efficient, durable, and stylish neutral running shoe. Running for miles doesn’t cause any pain, thanks to the FLYTEFOAM® Propel foam for ensuring the perfect return bounce, with the very lightweight feature.

It is one of several best Asics neutral running shoes that apply GUIDESOLE™ technology. The transition of the heel to toe is made in a very smooth way with its unblemished construction of the midsole. The feet will not feel overloaded, while the running efficiency is guaranteed. Of course, the rubber outsole is highly durable, just like other Asics shoes. 

5.     Glideride

This shoe allows every runner to run faster with the lower use of energy. The GUIDESOLE™ technology for the sole increased cushioning function in reducing the foot strike’s muscle load. This shoe is made perfect with the mishmash of cushioning FLYTEFOAM® and GEL® technology, in which it can reduce the ankle joint movement for avoiding the risk of injury.

Its ankle flexion is created in a lower degree for reducing all lower muscles in working too hard because it will waste energy. The foot swing is much easier with this shoe, due to the mass center of the shoe is close to the heel. 

6.     Novablast SPS

Purposeful for running through unpredicted conditions like winter, this shoe is the improvisation of the previous Novablast series. It is equipped with elements that suit the extreme weather. It applies a no-sew mesh structure that replaces the jacquard mesh upper, for total protection of the foot.

The newly designed MONO-SOCK® system delivers a great effect during the long run on hard surfaces. Runners will feel the very soft bounce with the midsole’s, FLYTEFOAM® Blast technology. The material on the outsole is highly durable for abrasions which are caused by pavement textures and terrain. 

7.     Gel – Scram 6

Running on trails has never been easier with this shoe. Its upper performance is much more durable than the previous version. Its midfoot lockdown can provide comfort to the foot. At the same time, the mesh upper structure is also durable and beautiful.

The area of the toe is much more secure with the expanding toe shape for the best protection. Yet, runners can feel the optimum bounceback with the AMPLIFOAM™ technology in the midsole. To end, the outsole provides a pulled pattern for increasing the traction improvisation for the off-road surfaces.

9.     Gel Nimbus Lite 

The shoe fits the foot perfectly well, as there are several material layers within. Yet, they are still breathable. It is much softer and lighter with the high-class bounce-back features. Thanks to the midsole’s FLYTEFOAM® technology that is combined with the forefoot’s GEL® technology for the soft and comfortable stride. It is equipped with the Cellulose Nanofiber for foam durability.

10.    Gel Nimbus 22 Platinum

Its performance is much more futuristic, though its features are similar to the previously mentioned Gel Nimbus Lite. Yet, it features TRUSSTIC™ technology under the shoe arch. Moreover, the AHAR® outsole is very lightweight so runners can just focus on running workouts.

11.    Gel-Contend 6

Ready for running for miles? This series offers a softer heel collar for total comfort for the skin. The rearfoot GEL® technology is ready for the maximum cushioning, not to mention the comfortable ORTHOLITE™ sockliner and AMPLIFOAM™ midsole.