Best ASICS shoes for Overpronation 2020 – Men’s and Women’s

As you might have known, if an overpronator chooses the wrong shoes, it may lead to shin splints, plantar fasciitis, bunions, or heel spurs. That’s why overpronators need shoes that give maximum support, structured cushioning, and stability. Stability running shoes assist in distributing the impact of running more effectively to minimize pronation.

Best ASICS shoes for overpronation as recommended by ASICS itself:

For Severe Overpronation: GT-4000 2

For Less Severe Overpronation: Gel-Kayano and GT-2000

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For Severe Overpronation

GT – 4000

When you have severe overpronation, you will need stability shoe with maximum cushioning.

This GT-4000 running shoe offers the stability you need with its GUIDANCE LINE technology as well as TRUSSTIC SYSTEM technology, which enhances gait efficiency and control torsion. With its Impact Guidance System technology, it helps the feet to move in a more natural manner.

This lightweight shoe with breathable mesh fabric also offers a high-energy bounce with its FLYTEFOAM technology and better foot protection with the DUOMAX midsole. This feature helps to counteract overpronation by supporting the arch and midsole, reducing the risk of bunions and flat feet and thus promising a better running technique.

Its molded AHARPLUS™ rubber heel plug brings a hardwearing quality to the shoe, minimizing scuffs caused by excessive wear, while a molded internal heel counter provides an adaptive fit.

For Less Severe Overpronation

1. Gel – Kayano

Gel-Kayano 27

This shoe is always an exceptional option, either for competitive or non-competitive runners. It is perfect for daily training, looking for an everyday trainer that combines comfort with support. The rearfoot is filled with a great portion of reflective materials for visibility when running under low-light days.

Running is much more stable, thanks to the deeper forefoot flex grooves which can provide a softer movement from the toe to heel. The mesh upper is designed especially for people with less pronation, so they still can feel the natural roll of the sole movement.

It assimilates DYNAMIC DUOMAX® technology for the foot support to remain stable during the long run. The SPACE TRUSSTIC™ technology is applied in the midsole for increasing the flexibility of the foot through long trips.

Gel – Kayano 26 

The luxurious looks come hand in hand with the comfort, thanks to the GEL® technology applied to the forefoot and rear. Users will never feel the shocking impact. The FLYTEFOAM® Propel technology has the featured jacquard mesh upper which allows the foot the breathe.

2. GT – 2000

GT – 2000 9

The cushioning combines the FLYTEFOAM® and GEL® technology in the midsole position for promoting lightweight feeling while reducing the impact’s overall shock. It becomes the runners’ dear for 30 years, thanks to its consistency in providing a stable shoe for all kinds of runners. The one-piece mesh construction has been added to several crucial areas so the foot can roll through the gait cycle. 

GT – 2000 8 

So far, many users have claimed that this shoe is the lightest among other Asics shoes. Applying the latest GEL® technology ensures the foam with a very soft surface for total protection against the shock.

The FLYTEFOAM® technology in the midsole ensures a very smooth landing while the lightweight mesh is well-engineered for allowing better air circulation, in order to avoid the foot to feel too dry and too wet for the sweat. In addition, DYNAMIC DUOMAX® and TRUSSTIC™ SYSTEM technology mix together perfectly in the midfoot for adding a stable feeling. 

GT – 2000 7

Running faster is much more comfortable with this shoe. It is made faultless with the FLYTEFOAM® technology. It delivers comfort and a lightweight feeling for wearers. Concurrently the DYNAMIC DUOMAX® technology can bring together the various materials for the midsole’s density.

It minimizes the injury risk because the mix of the above technologies can help runners who suffer from low-level overpronation. The shoe quality is highly sturdy with the molded AHAR® rubber, particularly for runners who use the shoe excessively.

Let’s not underestimate the great GEL® technology in the forefoot and rear. It is perfect for comfort in elevating high-density shock absorption. The GUIDANCE LINE™ technology excellently enhances the efficiency of the gait for better runners’ performance. 

GT – 2000 – 7 Trail

Its features are almost similar to the previously mentioned series. The only difference lies in the choices of colors. It is made by sophisticated technology for runners with less overpronation that should go through hard surfaces and various terrains.

 It also applies the GEL® technology for both the rearfoot and forefoot for reducing the shock impact on hard surfaces. The comfortable feeling is highlighted with the DYNAMIC DUOMAX® componentry, placed perfectly in the midsole. It goes hand in hand with the GUIDANCE SYSTEM™ technology.

3. GT – 1000 9

The color is already engaging for most runners, while Asics’ loyal users will never want to miss every single release for this series. Classified as the must-have shoe, it is always recommended because of its lightweight comfort which can support its functional style. Runners are totally satisfied with the mix of FLYTEFOAM® and GEL® technology which is applied in the rearfoot for reducing the risk of injury that feet may suffer from constant shock. 

The sockliner uses the EVA technology that allows total rebound. At the same time, the technology of Guidance TRUSSTIC SYSTEM® helps runners to feel stable during fast running. Runners with less overpronation will be very helpful with the DUOMAX® midsole which can control smooth overpronation, so runners can avoid the risk of flat feet and bunions.

4. Metarun

Marathoners and beginners share similar opinions about this series as they consider that this shoe is indeed durable, stylish, and multifunctional. Running is much more comfortable with the very flexible and soft internal bands, called the METACLUTCH™ technology system.

The midsole applies FLYTEFOAM® technology for very smooth foot movement from heel to toe. All of those kinds of technology enhance the performance of Metarun which never runs out of demand. 

5. Gel – DS Trainer 25

No wonder why this shoe becomes the main choice for runners. They need to run fast and comfortable with lightweight shoes. Achieving the running goals is made easy with the FLYTEFOAM® technology that allows the midsole to respond fast and accurately.

The stride is propelled with the PROPULSION TRUSSTIC™ SYSTEM technology in the part of the ligament. The well-designed panel on the interior delivers a perfect overall fit. Yet, sockliner is well-contoured that reflects the foot’s natural shape for better comfort. 

So, don’t let your feet condition stops you from choosing any of the ASICS shoes for overpronation, as they are worth your money and running achievement.