ASICS Gel Nimbus 20 Review – Women’s and Men’s – Read This Before You Buy

Looking for ASICS Gel Nimbus 20 Review, either for Women’s or Men’s? Look further. We have summed it up for you.



  • Materials: Synthetic and Textiles
  • Outsole: Rubber
  • Weight: 8.8 oz
  • Heights: Heel 1 in. and Forefoot 0.5 in.
  • Pronation: Under, Neutral


  • Sole: Rubber
  • Material: Whole Textile
  • Origin: Japan
  • Weight: 10.7 oz



  •  Midsole: Flytefoam Technology
  • Fluidfit Technology
  • External Heel Clutching System


  •  FluidRide midsole feature
  • Clutching System on external heel
  • Wide toe box capability
  • Strong arch Support

External Heel Clutching System And Exoskeleton External Heel Counter

Made from resin this component is specially designed to fit the shape of the user, and is introduced in the heel area of the product.

The effect of the action of the feature is that the performance and stability is improved significantly by the restriction of movement.

The design put special emphasis on the ability to be used by many heels shapes without damaging the performance that the displacement of the heel provokes when the shoe tracking becomes more difficult.

Built-in memory foam lining is the chosen material to cover the side of the ankle, allowing the external heel counter which is built using the MetalClutch technology to wrap, in an efficient and individual way the whole ankle’s area.

These technologies help to reduce the stress and strain produced by the pressure over the foot when exercising or jogging, incorporating rebounding properties, shock absorption and lighter weight materials. The negative effects of the overpronation are limited making the running experience comfortably executed.

Another high end technology that is present in this product is the ortholite sockliner, which is intended to control the moisture that appears inside the shoes by using a special polyurethane formula that combined with recycled rubber make the insole of the item keep a breathability ratio from 95 to 100% , giving appropriate ventilation and the dryness that is necessary to get the best performance for amateurs and professional runners.

Shock absorption is something that any athlete is interested in ,when looking for the best running shoes, and these kinds of insoles are top of the line when talking about the topic. The high end technology applied in the confection of the ASICS  Gel Nimbus 20″ insole help to prevent that frustrating injuries that come from the frequent and tough training that the long distance runners use to practice.

Upper Sole and FluidFit Mesh Technology

The FluidFit mesh is the material developed by the company for the product upper sole. The material is intended to adapt to the form of the user foot  and at the same time give support to the shoes in a light manner. The use of multi directional organic fibers gives to the mesh the ability to wrap the foot in a glove like way. Even though the wrapping of the foot is firm ,the technology is designed to avoid the effects of lack of ventilation and in the contrary it helps breathability.

Weight And Comfort

At  8.8 ounces for women and 10.7 ounces for man the shoes are extremely light and comfortable to the extreme that a number of users say that they feel even lighter.With no doubts the merits is of the especial effort that ASICS has put in the development of technologies that make the comfort their highest priority.

It is remarkable that the firm keep the weight of this product so light, considering the effort that has been made to extend its sturdiness and durability.

Talking about comfort, the advanced technology of the double layer mid sole, contributes to the support that that is necessary for the running movement, and is also flexible enough to make the use of the shoe very comfortable.

Look And Aesthetic 

The elegance of the ASICS’S design is not absent in the Nimbus Gel 20, and its silky and fine aspect make the shoes be wearable not only in sports bu t in most of occasions.

Being presented in an all black shade it is also available in a variety of color combinations, like : Black Azure, Black Frosted Rose, Bright Rose/Bright Rose Apricot, Carbon, Porcelain Blue , Azure/White, Flash Coral White, Indigo Blue. Mid Gray, and Black White Carbon.

Value For The Money

This excellent running shoe can not be categorized in the group of cheap running shoes made by ASICS, but even is a higher price product the value for the money expended on the purchasement of the item is great. The Nimbus Gel 20 in some way is an aggregate of many technologies that were made to get the best from this shoes. The buyers of the product will not be disappointed by the quality that they get from their hard earned money,and most of them are going to feel that they made a great deal.

Off Road Performance

The high quality of the outsole of the shoes allows runners to performe on rough terrain, but is necessary to say that the product isnot designed specially to be use in offroad activities. Anyways if they are used in activities that not require an exceptional strength, the shoes are going to perform just fine.

How Long Will Last?

The gel cushioning is one of the aspects that combined with the extra rubber that these shoes present will guarantee the long life and durability of them. The firm has designed them in a way that the outsole will be sturdy enough to resist frequent and rough use for many years, thanks to the efficient shock absorb system that they come with. Another factor that helps the durability of the Nimbus Gel 20 is that the foam that is used in the midsole is much firmer than the other models display. Evidently, this material will make that the wearing of this part of the shoes will be postponed for quite a while thanks to the extra quality fibers that contribute to the quick and appropriate turn back to its original form.


Value For Money
Purchaser Reviews


  • The shoelaces of the Nimbus 20 are elastic enough to allow you to wear them comfortably.
  • The arch support that they offer is top quality.
  • The shoes feel very light and come with a cushioned sole that is second to none.
  • The extra front foot cushioning is a big plus for many runners.


In our opinion, it isn’t worth the increase in price compared with older versions and other models of the same producer. The improvements are good but not significantly better to justify the price difference. Even though for the fans of this brand the issue is not a big deal for them.


Being the Nimbus one of the most popular models from ASICS ever, the 20 has surpassed the highest standards of the prior releases. The array of high end technologies used in this design is able to impress even the most skeptical. To understand this statement is much better to revise these technologies and features one by one.

Last Thoughts

The ASICS GEL-Nimbus 20 is mainly designed for runners that look for top-notch running shoes. Being in the highest price range of these kinds of products, there is no doubt that they stand out of the most running shoes that can be found these days.

The efforts that ASICS has put in the development of running shoes technologies is remarkable, and on of the most benefited with it without doubts are the Nimbus Gel 20.

Durability ,comfort, and lightness, are the features that even at these prices, the shoes can be considered as a great value for money running shoes.

Basically they say that in some ways is similar to another ASICS models, but most of them especially the most seasoned runners ,say that the model is a big improvement when talking about  shock abortion and lightness.

Some users of older versions of the shoes say that the Nimbus 20,gives them a feeling that they are closer to the ground, but without affecting the comfort sensation.

On the flip side there are some clients that complain about that the insole is to firm an have provoke some kinds of pain on their foot.