Adidas Alphabounce Beyond and Beyond 2 Review – Things You Should Know Before You Buy

Are you looking for Adidas Alphabounce Beyond Review? We have done the research for you.


  • Rubber sole
  • Regular fit
  • Synthetic and textile
  • Zoned Forgedmesh upper
  • Sock-like construction

Special Features

  • Continental rubber Bounce cushioning
  • Bootie styling
  • ForgedMesh
  • Face closure


Are you looking for a sports shoe that comes with great durability and traction? AlphaBounce Beyond is exactly what you are searching for. The product offers optimum levels of top-notch performance, longevity, and traction. Therefore, it is a great purchase for sportsmen as it varies greatly from earlier Adidas AlphaBounce models. Despite the fact that this sneaker is perfect for sportsmen, it makes a great investment for everyday wear, especially because the shoe provides stability and support when walking. Hence, this is definitely an addition to any man’s collection. Here are some of the features that it comes with.


The midsole is one of the features that make this product unique. This is because unlike other models, it has no Boost foam but a soft foam. The soft foam is sandwiched between supportive and firm outer midsole material. Additionally, the midsole of this shoe features Bounce foam technology which allows the shoe’s platform to expand in case any pressure is exerted and then reset to its original shape when the pressure is released. Moreover, the midsole runs through the entire length of this shoe. As a result, it gives the user a great deal of comfort as it has a responsive nature.


The outsole of this sneaker features a rubber material that is abrasion-resistant. Therefore, just like tires, this part of the shoe is highly durable. A generous sheet of continental rubber has been used to make the outsole and this gives the product an amazing grip on numerous surfaces. To ensure that it is slip-resistant, this shoe features tire tread-like patterns at the bottom. The outsole has also been designed in such a way that it is slightly raised to prevent wear and tear on the midsole. Its rubber material maximizes traction and grip on both dry and wet surfaces boosting high performance.

Upper Of the Adidas Alphabounce

This Adidas Alphabounce Beyond shoe model has an advanced upper as compared to other earlier models in the sense that it features ForgedMesh material on this particular part of the shoe. As a result, the shoe is more flexible and supportive as compared to other [performance and lifestyle shoes on the market. As a matter of fact, this product has a bootie construction where the heel collar and the tongue join to create a sock-like design.

The heel and the tongue are foam padded while the inner heel features stitched pockets to provide your heels with an enhanced grip. Any user loves the inner sole of the shoe as it is extremely flush but also removable.

Enhanced Air Flow

This is one of the critical features of any shoe and this Adidas model comes with enhanced airflow. Mainly this is facilitated by the ForgedMesh material on its upper. The material is perforated and this allows a decent air circulation level in and out of the shoe. Nonetheless, the shoe features cushioning all through, which limits extreme breathability. The product is an excellent sample of the special attention that Adidas put on the breathability of its running shoes.


This product has been designed for regular/daily use or training purposes. Therefore, it contains cushion all around it to enhance comfort. This makes it a little heavy but more protective due to the extra cushioning it comes with. Hence, there is no way the user will injure their feet during intense training sessions when using this shoe.


This is one of the strong points of this shoe. It is designed to last and serve you for ages. Its outsole features continental rubber material which is the same material in continental tires. Therefore, you can be sure that the shoe is designed to handle high-stress levels and still remain in good condition. Additionally, the ForgedMesh material it features on its upper is tougher as compared to other normal mesh used on other shoes. Hence, this is a shoe with a longer lifespan than other shoes on the market. Therefore, if you are planning to carry out a heavy duty activity, Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond is the shoe you should invest in.


This shoe model does exemplary when it comes to giving the user great comfort. With the generous amount of cushioning it comes with, the shoe will never allow the user to experience any discomfort or fatigue when in active use. Moreover, the ForgedMesh andthe tongue of this sneaker are all designed to enhance comfort. Furthermore, the lacing unit of the shoe allows the user to adequately tighten it in order to achieve a perfect fit, which adaptable to the user’s feet. Additionally, this sneaker has a wide forefoot to accommodate people with wide feet.


The plastic heel clip, FiorgedMesh upper and oversized midsole keeps the user’s feet fully supported all day long. Its supported heel
and the wide forefoot ensure that the feet are comfortable and properly aligned for maximum support. The sneakers upper takes the shape of your feet and so it gives amazing support with the further help of the snug lacing unit. The maximum comfort, support, stability and excellent cushioning on these shoes makes them highly sought on the market today.


The shoe’s outsole features continental rubber which is relatively sticky just like a tire. It also has a tread pattern, which provides
a firm grip on the ground regardless of whether the surface is wet or dry. Hence, the patterns dig into the ground, which makes stops and starts really simple during training. This feature is not only efficient for off road runners, but also for the runners that prefer to perform on the streets and parks.

Seasoned runners use to have different styles to lace their shoes. This is the way to lace the Alphabounce beyond that experts say is the best to get the most of the product.

Fitcounter Molded Heel Counter

The great thing about this feature is that makes the Achilles tendon feels fitted very naturally by the fitcounter, which has been intended to work as holder of the heel in the right position ,and also give freedom of movement to the Achilles.

This feature is one of  that many buyers have highlighted as a really good characteristic of the heel frame.


Value For Money
Purchaser Reviews


  • Comfortable and flexible upper is the first thing that comes to the eye.
  • Simple but stylish design that makes it attractive for many different flavors.
  • Sturdy construction guarantees durability, thanks to the high-quality materials that are used in its production.
  • Nice grip for most of the regular physical activities that are performed by people that like sports.
  • Perfect for casual and everyday use.
  • Good value for the money makes the item especially attractive.
  • Discreet Adidas logo hence no distractions from the classy and classic look that the firm is known from.
  • Reflective accent makes them safe for cloudy days and night time use.


Unsuitable for individuals with highly arched feet


Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond is amazing and a great advancement from earlier models. It is, therefore, a great investment and worth every coin of your money if you are in search of a supportive and comfortable lifestyle sneaker. The shoe may not be high-tech performance shoes but it is perfect for everyday wear for regular use. It is also stylish and comfortable for light training sessions. The product is fairly priced and it will be a great addition to any man’s casual shoe collection.

The product is also one of the new favorites of the loyal clients of this prestige brand ,and without doubt will be also of the new buyers of it.